Zenith Music – Dark DnB stripped down

Zenith Music – Dark DnB stripped down

What were you doing when you were 17? I remember getting my first car and thinking I was the dogs bollocks. It was a rusty brown mini – friends called it the “Turdmobil!” but that didn’t stop me. I had freedom! I had liberty! I had a world to discover… (as much as you can going 65 mph tops (downhill with the wind behind me)). Anyway I also recall at 17 I was far too immature to even be thinking about doing anything constructive with my time. I look back now and think of wasted opportunities and what could have been… Alas… There was also always some kid in your class who seemed to have it all figured out and appeared to be born with great entrepreneurial skills. I think I have just found those kids in the CZ DnB music scene…

There are 3 of them – Tom Small. A-Cray and WAVE. They have their own DnB label which goes by the name of Zenith Music. Their music is raw Drum ‘n’ Bass. Stripped back to the bare essentials. They are discovering their sound and at the same time they are producing some very exciting things.

They all started making music when they were 14 growing up in the world of producing on their home computers discovering the endless possibilities that were at their fingertips. They were all young and had time and have apparently been using it sensibly. 4 years later they have their label and successful releases on Deafmuted Records. Check out their soundcloud pages to get tasters of their music:

Tom Small



Personal favourites:

Tom Small – Fiction released under Deafmuted Records

Sayko – Siren (A-Cray and Bio Remix Contest)

A-Cray – Whisper

WAVE – Momentum

Wave – 25

The future is bright and I for one will be keeping a close eye on these guys as I feel exciting stuff will be coming from them soon.


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