Voho – Plane Crash Investigation

Voho – Plane Crash Investigation

Voho – Plane Crash Investigation is intense! It starts off with a conspiracy theory melody dancing menacingly around the listener insinuating thoughts of doubt and mistrust and soon launches into a bass drum heavy techno beat. It is relentless. Utterly, utterly relentless and gives you no room to breathe. Its the kind of beat that will focus all your energies and attention and exclude everything else from your world. It will grab you by the hand and never look back.

Voho, otherwise known as Vojtěch Hordějčuk comes from the Czech Republic and is a fairly active user on Soundcloud and we are always listening to his new material. This particular track was mastered by Landr and the sound quality is awesome. It is fairly obvious where his inspiration came from in this track with the recent events of 3 plane crashes in the space of a week. Is there something going on?!

Midway through the track breaks down into a delightful dinky melody creating a much needed interlude in this fast-paced track. But fear not, the beat soon kicks back in and the relentlessness resumes.

For more from Voho you can check out his Soundcloud page or his Personal website. You should… you really should.


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