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Tune of the Day: Bucsa – Nedeterminat

Artist: Bucsa Tune:  Nedeterminat Country: Romania Genre: Techno Tell me more: A sublime array of textures and eery atmospherics built around a melancholic melody. Where can I find them? Bucsa is made up of Seba$$ and Bastian. Learn more about great underground music from Romania in our interview with Underground Romania Sound.

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Tune of the Day: Quadeyes – Can You Hear (Sasha Nevolin remix)

Artist: Quadeyes/Sasha Nevolin Tune: Can You Hear Country: Belarus/Czech Republic Label: Kollektiv Artists Genre: Techno Tell me more: Wonderfully atmospheric techno that builds from a slow, moody intro into a pulsing beat, full of unusual and delicate percussive sounds darting around your speakers. Not sure about where Quadeyes is from, but this remix is by Sasha Nevolin, originally from Belarus […]

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Five Minutes With Underground Romanian Sound

Underground music in Romania is thriving thanks to a strong club scene and a healthy selection of djs and producers. We spoke to the guys from Underground Romanian Sound, a record label based in Bucharest that hosts a regular podcast, uncovering some of the most innovative local artists. Read on to learn about where in […]

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Atapy – Among Us

Howdy, its been a while since I have posted any tunes. That doesn’t mean I have become lazy in my old age! Anything but. I have been hunting high and low for the best tunes to bring to the masses. I have scourged the dark depths of the underground music world spread across the Central […]

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Cosmin TRG – Izolat/Broken Heart

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Cosmin TRG (formerly just TRG) is a Romanian producer and dj known for his hard-hitting yet intricate rhythms combined with a sensibility for heavy bass. Cosmin originally made his name with a series of haunting, shuffling tunes that could broadly be described as dubstep. Now based in Berlin, his more recent work has veered into […]

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