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Cadeu – Bagpiper

Artist: Cadeu Tune: Bagpiper Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Released on Hyperboloid Records this is the track Bagpiper. Stuttered beats and vocals that never quite get going but still carry a momentum all of their own. Great stuff from Cadeu! Where can I find them? Check out Cadeu on Soundcloud.

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Arsia Line – Black Wall

Artist: Arsia Line Tune: Black Wall Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Epic atmospherics blending dark, growling bass with moments of melodic clarity and a permanent sense of looming danger. Where can I find them? Listen to more from Arsia Line on Soundcloud.

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Lynchobite – Aftermath

by: in: Garage

Artist: Lynchobite Tune: Aftermath Country: Russia Genre: Future Garage Tell me more: Sick beats and beautiful vocals from the Russian talent that is Lynchobite. Where can I find them? Check out the Lynchobite Soundcloud Page

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Quok – Hometowns

Artist: Quok Tune: Hometowns Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Sparse sounds over a haunting beat and a little voice eerily chanting in the background… but strangely addictive. Where can I find out more? Check out the Quok Soundcloud Page

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