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The Top 10 Russian Electronic Producers

Russia is one of the most exciting places in the world for underground electronic music. Deep house, drum n bass, future garage and music that defies any kind of labelling... it's all there. A seemingly never-ending line of precocious talents are producing masterpieces from their bedrooms in Moscow, St Petersburg and further afield. We decided to have a go at choosing our favourites for anyone who wants a quick insight into the best that Russia has to offer.

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Tune of the Day: Pensees, Quok and Jan Amit – Anatomy

Artists: Pensees,  Quok and Jan Amit Tune: Anatomy Country: Russia Genre: Lovetronica Tell me more: Simply a stunningly beautiful work of bass and melody from three of the most talented producers in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. Where can I find them? Listen to Pensees,  Quok and Jan Amit on Soundcloud and also check out the Kairi Collective page. […]

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Tune of the Day: Quok Breathing

Artist: Quok Tune: Breathing Country: Russia Genre: Lovetronica Tell me more: This is a piece that builds gradually but so beautifully & Effortlessly that it will amaze you the creator has only been on this earth 15 years. Where can I find them? Hear more from Quok on Soundcloud.

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