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Tune of the Day: Evocativ – Stars Above

Artist: Evocativ Tune:  Stars Above Country: Estonia/Finland Genre: Indie Pop Tell me more: Not the usual style we feature but I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this tune and just had to share. The intro is one of the best I have heard in a while and when the beat kicks the flow is beautiful! […]

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Tune of the Day: Bimbotronic- The World In Your Eyes

Artist: Bimbotronic Tune: The World In Your Eyes Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Electronic track from the talented Russian producer – Bimbotronic. The track progresses beautifully into a plethora of sounds. If you are interested then please check out Bimbotronics interview here on Praguebeats. Where can I find them? Get to know Bimbotronic on Soundcloud.

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Are MP3s better than Vinyls?

You may be thinking what kind of question is that?! Of course MP3s are better than Vinyls! They’re so much more accessible, they’re cheaper, they’re much more portable, there is barely any noticeable difference in sound quality (I mean with the equipment that the majority of people use to listen to music regularly)… The answer […]

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