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The Erised – Even If

Artist: The Erised Tune: Even If Country: Ukraine Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Impassioned, emotional music from The Erised’s debut album: Room 414. Amazing vocals add an extra dimension to an already impressive production. Where can I find them? Find more from The Erised on Soundcloud and on the Med School website.

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Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix)

Artist: Bop Tune: Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix) Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Absolutely fallen in love with this. Wonderfully serene with beautiful, sparse vocals and melodies so chilled they would be dangerous to drive to. Where can I find them? Find out more about Bop and Unquote on Souncloud.

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Arsia Line – Black Wall

Artist: Arsia Line Tune: Black Wall Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Epic atmospherics blending dark, growling bass with moments of melodic clarity and a permanent sense of looming danger. Where can I find them? Listen to more from Arsia Line on Soundcloud.

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