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Gem Reflection – 06 Album

We have been waiting a while for this one but it was well worth the wait. Gem Reflection have finally released their new digital album. The album goes by the name of 06 and it is a collection of ambient, psychill, downtempo grooves of the highest quality. Gem Reflection have stuck to what they know […]

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Slovar – About You

Slovar – About You My knowledge of Latvia is limited and essentially amounts to going on a student holiday in Riga a few years ago and later working on a project with a guy from Latvian NGO who had the greatest Bond villain voice I have ever heard. What I didn’t realise until recently is […]

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Yavo – Earth Song (Deeply Ambient!)

An inspiring landscape of noises and atmospherics created here by the ever talented Yavo. We discovered this producers a little while back and he continues to produce some beautiful pieces of music. There is no sign of desperation for the audience’s attention with his compositions… they merely exist and capture your imagination. They draw you […]

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