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Kenny Rough, Esso & Grizzly – Ready To Begin (ft. Tante Elze)

Artist: Kenny Rough, Esso & Grizzly (ft. Tante Elze) Tune: Ready to Begin Country: Czech Republic/Slovakia Genre: Bass Tell me more: If you like bass-heavy, melodic, vocal-driven electronic music, you’re going to love this. The production is smooth as you like and the vocals beautifully complement the deep melodies and snappy beat. Where can I find them? Find out more about […]

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Tune of the Day: Marina Faib – Murderess

Artist: Marina Faib Tune: Murderess Country: Russia Genre: Bass Tell me more: Dark and hypnotic, Murderess is all about suspense. Frequent deathly pauses build tension before the, frankly, scary bass and minimalist percussion lurch back into action to envelope your ears. Where can I find them? Check out Marina Faib’s Soundcloud page.

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Raai – 1

Raai – 1 There’s so much to be said for the beginning of a tune being badass, how could that ever not be a good thing? In ‘1’, Russian artist Raai achieves an unusual level of badass with a pulsing monster of a bass line that is so smooth I was almost compelled to immediately […]

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