Subject Lost – 500 Days of Dust

Subject Lost – 500 Days of Dust

Subject Lost – 500 Days of Dust

Subject Lost is a musician from Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Real name – Petr Adamec, writes electronic music which he describes as being influenced by Northern Post-Rock, 80’s Sci-Fi, Berlin and who knows what else! Thats a pretty fitting description and I have chosen this tune “500 Days of Dust” as a classic example to showcase.

After a short atmospheric intro the memorising beat kicks in. It is a relentless pursuit, building slowly but efficiently and you are helpless to escape it’s hypnotic grip. The beat is almost like a ticking clock counting down but you just have to stick around to find out what will happen. The breakdown gives times to breathe and reflect but you know the beat is coming back and in the end you find the anticipation almost too much to bear. The power of Subject Lost’s music is definitely in his beat creation. There are many layers to his beats but he interweaves and blends them together very cleverly that the effect is really something.

Its no wonder his music can be found in catalogues such as Exitab (SK), Krmlec Recordings (CZ) and Redvolume (Swe). Subject Lost also featured last year in the Shotgun Festival which is held in the Czech Republic each September.

 If you liked this you can hear more at Subject Lost’s Soundcloud page and Facebook page. Well worth checking out!

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