Sotus – With U – Lithuanian Future Garage

Sotus – With U – Lithuanian Future Garage

Sotus With U

I am in love in future garage at the moment and its amazing the different places around the globe you can find truly creative producers crafting beautifully melancholy beats. Here I would like to present Sotus. Sotus originates from Lithuania and seems quite a mysterious soul (judging from his online presence or lack of it!).

This tune – “With U” – is the leading track on his “Stay EP” which was released by LowVibe records who are based in Berlin in Germany. Its a melancholy track dotted with shafts of light and hope but ultimately unable to escape a haunted past. Voices echo painfully in the background trying to release themselves but to no avail. The texture and atmosphere created broadcast the full talent of Sotus’s ability as a producer. To convey such sadness whilst still clinging onto the hope that life provides is no easy task. Its one that Sotus manages beautifully.

The thing I love about Future Garage is it never tries too hard to please. It is what it is and seems to accept that fact quite happily. I get this impression from Sotus – one can’t make this sort of music without ultimately loving what it is. There is no effort to please or impress. It is and that’s all it needs.

If you like this track and want to hear more from the Stay EP then checkout the Low Vibe page. Or you can check out Sotus’s official Soundcloud page.

Enjoy listening as always.

This is a Cover photo of Sotus's Stay EP

Cover photo of Sotus’s Stay EP



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