Smote and Verbal – Lonely Vibe

Smote and Verbal – Lonely Vibe

Smote and Verbal – Lonely Vibe

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, what could possibly be better than a dose of ‘lazy Sunday afternoon melodic drum n bass’? The answer to that is bacon and whisky, of course, but because I don’t have either, I’m going for the next best thing.

Smote and Verbal are electronic producers from Slovakia who primarily make drum n bass but have also been known to try their hands at garage and dubstep. Both are well regarded for their emotion-led approach to production in their individual work, but their collaboration on Lonely Vibe particularly stood out.

Built around a lean beat, solemn strings and driving bass, Lonely Vibe encapsulates some of the elements that I like most about drum n bass. Not angry enough to compel you to bite random strangers, but powerful enough to force you towards the dance floor, it’s the perfect compromise between delicate beauty and aggression.

The pair have also paid great attention to the atmospherics. Listen carefully and you’ll hear birds tweeting and subtly delayed sounds in the background. It all amounts to a very impressive piece of music and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both of them.

Make sure you check out more of their music through Smote’s Soundcloud page and Verbal’s Soundcloud page. If you’re looking to find more music from Smote, a quick Youtube search is the best source I’ve found to hear more of his tunes.


Photograph taken from the video of Lonely Vibe by Slovakian dnb producers Smote and Verbal.

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