Slovar – About You

Slovar – About You

Slovar – About You

My knowledge of Latvia is limited and essentially amounts to going on a student holiday in Riga a few years ago and later working on a project with a guy from Latvian NGO who had the greatest Bond villain voice I have ever heard. What I didn’t realise until recently is that there’s a wealth of great music hiding on the fringes in this Baltic state.

One of these fringe demons is a Riga-based producer known as Slovar who specialises in deep and atmospheric electronic music ranging from beat-driven bass to melodic downtempo.

Although I stumbled in Slovar’s direction courtesy of his drum n bass output, the tune that really caught my imagination this evening was something somewhat more chilled. About You is all 90s pads and ghostly clicks. It sounds a bit like the music you would hear if you called up heaven and an angel secretary put you on hold.

A slow starter, About You gradually builds up until something resembling a beat saunters daintily around the deep bass and delayed stabs. Perhaps it has something to do with Riga’s location by the sea, but this sounds like 3am beach party music to me, and it’s all the better for it!

Find more of Slovar’s sounds on his Soundcloud page. He is also well and truly on Facebook. About you was released on Uk label Rotation Deep. It’s well worth having a listen through their back catalogue if you’re into the deeper side of electronic music. Praguebeats favourite Keosz is one to watch out for on their roster.


Slovar - About You

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