Silent Strike – Carousel (Carousel EP)

Silent Strike – Carousel (Carousel EP)

Silent Strike is a Romanian music composer and he was born in 1982. During those years he has amassed all his life experience and brought it together to create this track – Carousel. It is from the Carousel EP which is released on 27th August 2014. It must be very satisfying as a musician to pool together all your creative talent and produce something. Something tangible, something that will last, something that rises above the mediocrity of most people’s existence.

Silent Strike definitely has a talent for making songs. His tracks always seem to blend together seamlessly as if it couldn’t be made any other way. The sound is also produced to a very high standard. His tracks have the right blend of beats and bass to keep it moving but its never obvious to the extent it becomes predictable.

Carousel starts delicately on a distorted piano tinkering idly as if just waiting for something to happen. The beat obviously feels the need to intervene so soon joins in and gives the track a much needed pulse. I can imagine an old attic with an antique toy carousel left abandoned in the middle and these sounds start to appear all around. As the tune grows in momentum the carousel starts to rotate and the life it once held returns as if it had never left. However it is only a memory and unfortunately like all memories they do not last forever. Try as it might the carousel is lost and will never return to its former glory where it once delighted the children of old. This feeling of inevitable defeat is felt in the overtone of this track and one cannot help feel but a sadness residing somewhere deep within the composer’s heart.

For more of Silent Strike you can listen to his tracks on his Soundcloud page or if you are feeling generous and would like to support such an artist in the hope that he will carry on producing tracks of such quality then please check out his bandcamp page.

As alway, I hope you enjoy.


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