It has been ridiculously hot in the Czech Republic this past week or two which is a) pretty unusual in April in this country and b) most welcome after the miserable weather that proceeded it! Unfortunately for myself (or not depending on your point of view) I am stuck in an office most of the day but in the evening I get to enjoy the warm fading sun as the day draws to an end. I have been most fortunate this week to discover a D’n’B artist whose music has provided the perfect accompaniment to these relaxing evenings.

He goes by the name of Sayko He has been DJing since 1992 and since that time has played a wide variety of shows ranging from free shows all the way to playing with the likes of DJ Hype, Aphodite and plenty more. His sets apparently full of massive amounts of energy, original mixes and exceptional turntable skills.

Sayko also produces his own music which he regularly plays in his sets. The songs he writes are what could be classified as melodic Drum ‘n’ Bass mixed with slightly darker elements. Take the song called “Calm”

Lazy tubular bells dancing gently over a soft & light but rigid beat with wonderful counter melodies providing interesting layers upon which the listener can lose his thoughts. Or the slightly darker more sinister “Paranoid user” (Aren’t they all!)

which starts off with a thumping intro of different drums and sirens building and building until the break of scattering drums and a haunting melody stabbing icily in the background.

He has also produced his own mix of the famous “Somebody that I used to know” (The one where the band did the cover where they are all playing on one acoustic guitar – you know the one… if not where have you been recently!?!?! 🙂 and you can find it here –  ). It is a great mix by Sayko so well worth checking out:

For a DJ that has been around since 1992 Sayko has built up quite a collection of releases all which can be found on his webpage.

However I am having trouble finding where I can buy his songs online so any pointers would be gratefully appreciated!

According to his website he will be playing live in Prague in Cross Club  on 8th June so will definitely be checking that out!

Happy listening.


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