Redstar by Receptor – Russian Drum n Bass Producer

Redstar by Receptor – Russian Drum n Bass Producer


I would like to introduce you to an artist called Receptor who is based in Volgodonsk in the Russian Federation. Real name – Dmitriy Veshunov started making music in 2004 where he was training his production skills until he was signed to the label – BREED 12 INCHES with the tune Rhyno. Since that time he has grown significantly and now has many records out on labels such as BETA recordings, TAM records and Subsonik Sound Recordings to name but a few.

This track I have chosen to preview is just a taste of Receptor’s abilities. It is a Drum n Bass track called Redstar. I chose this track for a number of reasons. The intro for one. A menacing bass drone idling its time beneath a stabbing string riff. The tension builds and the suspense almost reaches breaking point when a drum role takes it up one more level. A child like voice speaks in a dictator like tone rallying the troops when the beat finally breaks. The choruses contain an uplifting melody like a call to arms raising the morale of the troops! It is obvious from listening to this track that Receptor possesses a talent for creating dark and sinister atmospheres and loves experimenting with different ideas. His beats are solid but exciting and his sounds are raw but clear.

Listen to more of Receptor’s music on his Soundcloud account. He has a whole load of very diverse tracks to choose from. This particular track can be purchased and downloaded from Receptor’s bandcamp account. I hope you enjoy his stuff as much as we have and I am sure we will be seeing more of Receptor soon.


A drum n bass track called Redstar by the Russian producer Receptor

Redstar by Receptor












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