Raai – Lovers Garden/Lahta Shores

Raai – Lovers Garden/Lahta Shores

Raai is a mysterious producer of beautifully-crafted electronic music built around driving bass, laid-back beats, stunning vocals and infectious melodies.

The Russian-based artist has featured on Praguebeats in the past after I accidentally stumbled across his music on Soundcloud. At that time, each track was numbered rather than named and when I checked a short time later, they were gone.

So you can imagine my delight upon noticing that he had uploaded a couple of brilliant new tunes to his Soundcloud page. These ones have real names so perhaps there’s more hope that they’ll be around for a while. Anyway, they’re so good they simply have to be shared!

Lovers Garden is a bassy journey into the world of electronica. A slow, haunting melody is beautifully complimented by female vocals that evoke nostalgia and urgency. I love how the broken, dubstep-like beat evolves into a four to the floor groove as the track progresses whilst retaining a sense of space due to the relatively slow tempo.

Lahta Shores feels older than Lovers Garden thanks to a synth melody that floats on top of a beat that is at the same time minimalist and yet also full of groove (it’s the hats, of course). The vocals, male this time, are ghostly and employed rhythmically. The bass sits out of the way keeping all of the other elements some backbone. Essentially, this track makes me want to be horizontal on a beach.

So who is Raai? In truth, we know very little and he seems keen to keep things that way. The music is so accomplished, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this is an alias for someone established (no, I don’t mean Burial). In any case I think that we’re listening to one of the most talented electronic artists to come out of Russia and that’s no mean feat considering the high standard of Russian underground music.

Here’s hoping that there’s a lot more to come from Raai.




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