Nuage – What You Love/Aura

Nuage – What You Love/Aura

Nuage – What You Love/Aura

Nuage is a Russian-based producer who creates soulful electronic music across a range of styles. We don’t make a habit of posting clips if we can help it, but sometimes the quality of the music is just too good to ignore, which is certainly the case here. Anyway, two clips kind of amounts to one full track!

Built around a four to the floor beat with more swing than the mood of a 14-year-old version of me, What You Love is beautifully simple yet infectious. There’s something of a 1990s feel although I can’t quite put my finger on it. Whatever, it certainly works. I would love to hear this in a club. Oh, and I also love the hats.

Aura is the cool older cousin of What You Love. Less excitable, perhaps, but still full of purpose and depth. The vocals are more prominent in this track and the bass is just right. The level of detail is also spot on, with melodic flourishes powering the tune forward and adding interest. This would also work well in a club but is equally suitable for chilled out headphone listening.

Both tunes are listed as forthcoming although I’m not sure about where or when (any info would be much appreciated). You can hear more of Nuage’s music over on his Soundcloud page. You can also keep up to date by following him on Facebook.


Photograph accompanying Aura by Russian producer Nuage.


  1. Ronnie Bergara

    Love this tune

  2. GG

    Wicked stuff


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