Mattie – Chimes – Coming Chilled from Moscow

Mattie – Chimes – Coming Chilled from Moscow


I was asked if I believe in fate today. Obviously something that can’t be proven either way but it did get me thinking (as I guess was the intention of the question!) Are our lives predestined? Do we have choices? Is our future inevitable and are the decisions we make already directed? Who knows and who really has the time to worry about all this too much?!

Anyway, as I was becoming lost in my thoughts this tune called “Chimes” came on my speakers. It immediately struck my attention with its beautiful dulcet tones and soothing beats. Certain tunes do this, they grab you from the first second and suck you in. Chimes has a ghostly feel to it, not in a haunting sense but something more mystical. But all around it’s sprinkled with subtle elements of hope and wonder.

Chimes comes from Mattie’s debut EP which is called “Through the Path”. Mattie is a producer from Moscow in Russia and feels very passionately about his music. He states that “he challenges himself with questions of what comes first – the reason or the feeling? What prevails? The mind or the passion?” Clearly Mattie is looking deep inside himself when writing and isn’t afraid to search into the unknown. This tune has an overall feeling of honesty and modesty, its not trying to be something it isn’t or attempting to please anyone. It merely exists and is happy within itself.

The question remains though… was Mattie predestined to write such a tune? Did fate lead him to the moment when the first remnants of this idea for this tune entered his mind?

If you enjoyed this check out Mattie’s Soundcloud page. The other songs on this EP are all of top quality and the thought and effort that has gone into them must have been immense. You can purchase the EP at his bandcamp page and for 4 euros it is well worth the investment.


Cover photo of Chimes from the "Through the Path EP" by Moscow's producer Mattie

Cover photo of Chimes from the “Through the Path EP” by Moscow’s producer Mattie

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