Lomovolokno – Crusted Space

Lomovolokno – Crusted Space

Lomovolokno – Crusted Space

Hark yourself back to the days when you first heard a Hip-Hop beat and how your world stopped spinning for a split second as profound thoughts which you never witnessed or will ever again flashed instantly through your mind… Or was that just me?! Who cares! ­čÖé A shimmering of those thoughts resurfaced today albeit momentarily when I heard this track – Crusted Space – from Russia’s Lomovolokno.

First thing is the RAWNESS! Oh my… The beat is so stripped back it makes a pole dancer look overdressed. The snare is a beast escaping your speakers at such a frequency it can pierce even the toughest skin. The bass thumps your heart with no concern to the harm it could be doing. The looping melody and droning atmospherics circle from above daring not to come closer for the fear of becoming insnared in the┬áruckus below. All in all it’s a sound that needs to be heard and admired.

This track is the opening track on Lomovolokno’s album – “At Least Never” which was released back in December 2012 (we are a little out of touch!). His sound is reminiscant of the legendary Russian Triip-Hop pioneer – DJ Vadim. Intricate melodies with solid in-your-face beats that make your head nod and your heart beat.

I have listened to the album a few times now and love the original thoughts and development that has gone into them. If you want to hear more you can find it on this bandcamp page.

For more from this mysterious Russian producer (I literally couldn’t find any information on him – He should get a google+ account!!!) then visit his Soundcloud page and start the head nodding.

Peace and hope for you in this following year. It’s gonna be a good one!


Artwork from Lomovolokno - Crusted Space

Artwork from Lomovolokno’s album – At Least Never



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