Last Night Flavor – Lost In Time

Last Night Flavor – Lost In Time

Last Night Flavor – Lost In Time

I often find myself in heated discussions with people who decide that a song is too depressing or sad to listen to. While there’s no doubt that a Radiohead track is less than likely to be played for the first dance at a wedding (just you wait…), I just cannot agree with this attitude. Good music is uplifting, it’s as simple as that.

Lost in Time by Russian artist Last Night Flavor, who usually produces under the name of Crispo, is the type of track that would often be written off for the very reasons described above. Hesitant, delicate and sad, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard in years and every time I listen to it it makes me want to smile and cry at the same time.

Lost in Time is built around a collection of strings that sound so clear, you could be stood in the room next to the orchestra. Throughout, the sound of running water seeps in and out of your consciousness. The rhythm sounds like the laboured walk of an old man on the last leg of a long journey and the piano stabs are simple yet exquisite. Every element fits and you’re left hoping that the song will never end.

When we recently decided to expand the focus of this website to music from the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, it was because we were sure that the region had so much to offer that could rival some of the more well-established ‘hotbeds’ of electronic music such as the UK and the US. Music like this is exactly what we had in mind, I can’t wait to find more.

Check out more of Crispo/Last night Flavor’s music over at his Soundcloud page. You can buy his Freeze the Sun EP over on his Bandcamp page.


Artwork accompanying Lost in Time by Russian Producer Last Night Flavor.

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