Kulakostas – Your Worst Friend

Kulakostas – Your Worst Friend

Kulakostas is a Ukrainian producer who writes magically laid back music from the deeper side of the ocean. Having released music on labels such as how2make records and Igloo-rec, he has built up a substantial following and with tracks like Your Worst Friend in his armoury, we can see why.

Your Worst Friend is most striking for the beautiful melodic pad that sets the tone from the very beginning, bringing a ghostly quality to the track that almost hypnotises the listener. Like many examples of future garage, the beat is minimalist and yet absolutely integral to the feel of the track with icy claps and beautifully panned percussion.

Vocal snippets are dotted around like raindrops against a window, different shapes and sizes, trickling away just as quickly as they appear. If you listen carefully, there are all kinds of grainy, distorted atmospherics hiding in the background adding real depth to the track.

You can find more music from Kulakostas on his Soundcloud page. Keep up to date with news of his forthcoming releases on his Facebook page.



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