Kubix – Don’t Worry I’m Okay (feat. Alicrity)

Kubix – Don’t Worry I’m Okay (feat. Alicrity)

Kubix – Don’t Worry I’m Okay (feat. Alicrity)

At Praguebeats’ (imaginary) HQ we like to think that we have quite wide musical tastes, so we’ve surprised even ourselves recently by going on something of a drum n bass ‘spree’, posting tunes from the likes of eaZzy (Slovakia), Receptor (Russia) and N4M3 (Estonia). This time we’ve turned our attentions towards Poland where a young drum n bass producer going by the name of Kubix is making waves with a collection of melodic and bass-fuelled tunes.

On his Facebook page, Kubix says “I’m producing electronic music, but 90% of my tracks are drum and bass.” Don’t Worry I’m Ok, featuring Alicrity (whom I assume is responsible for the wonderful twangling – yep, that’s my word – guitar) starts slowly with a few laid back pads before bursting into life on the first drop with smooth bass and a beat that sits in the background, happy to leave the work to someone else.

I would call this a feel-good song for the summer if I had discovered it in time. Now I’ll just settle for feel-good song of the ‘jesus it’s almost christmas’ but my point stands, this is a beautiful, uplifting tune that will make anybody’s day a little bit better.

Listen to more of Kubix’s music on his Soundcloud page and check out his Youtube channel for some of his music videos (and also this very interesting q&a session).



Photograph from the Soundcloud page of Plish drum n bass producer Kubix for the track Don't Worry I'm Okay (feat. Alicrity).


  1. Tickliche Vibe

    Beautiful tune!


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