Kokeshi – Fucked and fired

Kokeshi – Fucked and fired

Good day all!

I am really excited about the music we are discovering through this blog. I personally have been in Prague almost 5 years and quite honestly have been a lazy boy when it comes to discovering the local music scene – which is a shame really considering the fantastic music that is being created in the Czech Republic.

My latest finding is an artist who goes by the name of Kokeshi He seems to be located in Prague. The track that I am really liking at the moment goes by the title “Fucked and fired”. The music doesn’t really fit the name of the tune (I was imagining some heavy death metal with some screaming goliath roaring about how his boss is a absolute twat! :)) The music however is a cool little electronic number with a slightly dark edge to it. It is only 2.19 long but is very catchy.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon now soaking up this gorgeous March weather discovering the rest of Kokeshi’s hudba.



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