Keosz – Intention

Keosz – Intention

Keosz is a mysterious artist who crafts sounds and atmospherics from somewhere deep. Very deep. If you would like to hear a sample of Keosz’s work then you could do very well to start with this track – “Intention”. It starts off with an eerie gentleman’s voice murmuring haunting remarks because he knows something we all don’t. He knows something sinister is lurking around and about to strike and we are all oblivious. And when it does strike it hits you full in the belly.

Keosz’s bass sound is his forte. It is so rich it makes a Mark’s and Spencer’s Chocolate pudding look like a poor man’s snack. It literally envelopes your mind and cushions all the other intricate sounds allowing them to play freely but making sure nothing gets out of hand. The beat is slow and ponderous but more self assured than Christiano Ronaldo’s hair. All of this is complemented with snippets of melodies jumping in and out of play. Sometimes some panpipes, some times some strings but whatever it is, it is carefully chosen and perfectly executed.

If you want to hear more from Keosz (which I know you do) then you can check other tracks out on Praguebeats and also visit his Soundcloud page and Facebook page.

Its deep but its beautiful.



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