Jan Nemecek – For You

Jan Nemecek – For You

I only discovered Belgrade-based Jan Nemecek recently but his soulfully melodic tunes have already left a deep impression. Well known within the Serbian electronic scene, Jan is both a producer and dj with a background in ambient sounds and funky 2-step beats. He’s also a co-founder of the internationally respected Norbu record label.

For You is a heavenly combination of deep chords, gentle singing and a wonderful skippy-hat beat. The vocals, courtesy of Serbian singer Dojo, delicately capture the melancholic tone of the lush pads and piano chords. Regular readers will know that I’m a complete sucker for hats (the percussive type) and Jan Nemecek knows exactly what he’s doing in this department, bringing real energy and feel to the rhythm. Listen carefully and you’ll hear a constant undertone of atmospheric snippets and textures. I think this is key to creating the somewhat other-worldly ambience which is present throughout the song. It’s like being caught up in a sonic daydream.

In general, the production is slick and if I were trying to explain to somebody what I like about the type of music commonly referred to as ‘future garage’, I could a lot worse than start here.

I was impressed by all of Jan Nemecek’s music and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of it in some of our upcoming weekly mixes. If you can’t wait until then, get yourself over to his Soundcloud page where much of his back catalogue is available to download. You can also get news of upcoming releases and gigs on his Facebook page. Here’s hoping that theres’s a lot more still to come from one of the Balkans’ brightest musical talents.



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