Ishome – Ken Tavr

Ishome – Ken Tavr

Ishome – Ken Tavr

Anticipation… That is the overwhelming feeling in the almost minute long buildup to Ishome’s classic tune – “Ken Tavr”. The suspense is almost unbearable as the atmosphere rises. You know something deep and beautiful is coming but you don’t know exactly how its going to sound.

And then it does sound…

The bass grips you by the nails and starts to slowly but undeniably suck you in. It surrounds your head and ears in its booming bosom and you are effortless to stop yourself submerging completely. All of this is coupled with intricate melodies and tinkerings of the high end distorting your sense of where is up and where you are exactly. The beat pulls and drags you along. An army of hypnotic soldiers marching towards the light which offers the ultimate reward.

Ishome was recommended to us by Delete and it just shows the current talent that Russia has to offer in the underground world of Electronic music. This is definitely not the last we will hear from this talented Russian producer.

You can buy this tune on itunes and I also encourage you to check out more of Ishome on her Soundcloud page and her facebook page.



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