Halloween Special! 3 Songs to scare the pants off you (if you are a big gay!)

Halloween Special! 3 Songs to scare the pants off you (if you are a big gay!)

Its Halloween so we have attempted to find something remotely Halloween related (which isn’t as easy as I thought!). So lets start off with something scary but bloody brilliant! – Atari Terror – Oh My God!!

The lead singer in this video – Fanoušek Kurz the Curse (what a bloody awesome name!) looks a little mental and angry about something but I am sure he is a nice man really once he has calmed down a bit… Just probably not someone you would want to meet in a dark alley on a cold dark night when you are feeling a little vulnerable… Anyway!! Bloody great song. Remnants of System of a down which is always a good thing. (Oh and turn it up!!)

One thing you should never do though is go out “Alone in the dark” and especially on Halloween. If you want to know what it feels like then check out this song by Woostep

Some dirty Dubstep from the Prague outfit. This particular song comes from their “Love thy Neighbor EP”. Truly filthy stuff coming from this group and you can check out more of their songs here. They will be playing live on the 17th November at the Otherside bass event in Prague.

Last but not least is some classic rock to finish us off – Witch wife:

Ummm… I realise I am stretching a bit here on the whole Halloween theme… Anyway Witch Wife present some good old fashioned classic rock. Weird name but great for my purpose here!

Happy Halloween and make sure you check beneath the bed before going to sleep :)!



  1. dykhoff

    A very good Halloween Michael Jackson Thriller Remix:



    1. praguebeats

      Awesome track! Cheers for pointing us in the direction of it.

      Happy Halloween!



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