Gene Garrett – Alaska – Earthloop (Gene Garrett Remix)

Gene Garrett – Alaska – Earthloop (Gene Garrett Remix)

Gene Garrett Remix – Alaska – Earthloop


It has been a while for me as I have been suffering horrendously with seasonal illnesses which reduced by productivity to around 1% of what it usually is. Having said that, one plus side is the amount of time one suddenly finds one has for exploring and listening to new music. I have travelled a strange yet wonderful path through the musical landscapes from the likes of the new Arcade Fire album to Glasgow’s Rustie’s album – Glass Swords and included such classics as System of a down and the Sex Pistols… (I was trying to anger my body into getting better!)

Anyway, classics are all well and good but there is nothing like discovering something new especially from countries I am not too familiar with. This brings me to this little gem I found from the Latvian producer – Gene Garrett.

Gene Garrett (real name – Vladimirs Konstantinovs) comes from Riga in Latvia and specialises in Electronic and Hip-Hop genres. This particular song is a remix done by Gene which I just had to share. The original song called “Earthloop” was produced by an artist called Alaska. Not sure I should say this but I much prefer the remix! 🙂

There isn’t much of an intro or complicated structure, just a beautiful piece of composition that instantly draws the listener in. The withdrawn beat doesn’t try to hard, rather it sits back and lets the dulcet tones absorb the listener’s thoughts and concerns. It almost acts as a bubble in which you find yourself in as soon as the sounds begin. Time is lost and the subtle atmospheric noises added by Gene Garrett provide the finishing touches to this beautiful piece. And then before you know it… it ends…

For more from Gene Garrett check out this Soundcloud page and also his bandcamp page. I am sure Latvia has much more to offer.


This is the cover photo for Gene Garrett's Remix of Alaska Earthloop

Gene Garrett Cover Album for Alaska Earthloop

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