Fudo Kazuki – Colour

Fudo Kazuki – Colour

Fudo Kazuki – Colour

Fudo Kazuki is a music producer from Ukraine, although if you read his bio you could be mistaken – “I’m not a real musician, I would just write tracks from time to time as a selftherapy.” Even if Fudo doesn’t want to admit it he is a real musician and his music goes a long way to confirm that.

I have picked a track here called “Colour”. Its written with some ethnic influence but it possesses such a positive vibe I just had to showcase it. It starts off with a repetitive string assembly carefully interwoven to give the tune a direction. The introductory beat arrives followed by the slightly funky bass groove. Its when the percussion kicks in that the song really gets going. The song builds and builds beautifully until you find yourself absorbed into this wonderful little world that Fudo Kazuki has created.

Fudo has 100 followers on Soundcloud and this particular song has been listened to 105 times… For me there is something desperately wrong about this and I guess I could launch into some epic speech about the fundamental problems with the music industry and how there currently is a huge gap when it comes to getting honest beautiful music heard by people that would genuinely love it… but now is not the time. Now is the time to enjoy someone’s craft and something that was created for no specific reason other than it just was.

Fudo Kazuki is a real musician and you can hear more of his stuff at his Soundcloud page. Its definitely worth checking out!


Album Artwork - Fudo Kazuki - Colour








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