Five Minutes With Underground Romanian Sound

Five Minutes With Underground Romanian Sound

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Underground music in Romania is thriving thanks to a strong club scene and a healthy selection of djs and producers. We spoke to the guys from Underground Romanian Sound, a record label based in Bucharest that hosts a regular podcast, uncovering some of the most innovative local artists. Read on to learn about where in Romania you should go to get your dance on, who to listen to and why the local scene is going from strength to strength.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with underground music?

We were born in the undergrounds of the Romanian electronic music scene. We are a group of artists initiated in 2010.
In the beginning the purpose was to grow as a group of unknown DJs so we would reach the clubbers more easily being part of an entity. We were looking for self driven DJs and producers and soon after we started doing successful events in Bucharest. Some of the Djs and producers we helped along the way really stepped into the light and are very successful today, playing in Romania and also internationally.
Now, we are planning our own vinyl label and we have other projects that will be announced soon.

What is the current state of underground music in Romania?

There are voices that say Romanians helped change the face of House Music. And Romanians actually did. Many DJs and producers coming from Romania are very appreciated worldwide for their unique sound. Because of this, the clubbers in Romania evolved into a community that is there not only for the music played by DJs, but also for other people that share the same feelings – we become brothers and sisters because of music.

Which producers, djs and labels should we check out from Romania?

Producers: Puxumos, Pagal, Alex Baciu, Dragos Ungureanu
DJs: Rhadoo, Barac, Puxumos, OliviuPagal
Labels: Moment, Rabbit Hole, Far Far Away, Amphia

What is Romania like for live music and club nights and which places should first-time visitors check out?

Parties every weekend all over Romania – we love to party so we make parties everywhere. In clubs, on the streets or in hypermarket parking lots, in the forests or by the lake – it depends when you visit and where you want to go. Club Midi, Kristal Glam and Studio Martin are the hottest venues to check in Romania, but we have very interesting festivals here: Sunwaves, Mioritmic, Marathon and many many more – everyone should check what happens and where if they visit Romania.

How do you hope to see underground music evolve in Romania over the next few years?

There is no secret plan to make things evolve in a direction or the other. We just let go. Far as we can see, all DJs and producers work hard to keep the Romanian leadership in the underground scene worldwide. We are here now. Lets see where the future takes us.

What advice would you give to young musicians and producers in Romania?

“Work. Try. Work. Fail. Work. Try again. Work.” – without this in mind there is no chance to get noticed. We live in a digital world, but, in real life, you need to have real connections. There is no better way than making your own connections, based on your work and appreciation from others. This comes in time. Also, please respect people’s time – its very bad to waste people’s time with “I want to…”. Start doing it if you really want it. Oh, and keep it under 125 BPM!

What track by any artist can you not stop playing at the moment?

Puxumos – Neastamparat

What excites you most about underground music?

Everything about it is very exciting. It’s evolution. Everyone creates or should create by their feelings. No strings or rules attached.

What 5 records would you take with you on a desert island?

Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer
Vlad Caia – Codex
Coldfish – The Orphans
VID – Schite si Note
Little Hado – Cei Patru

Big thanks to the guys from Underground Romania Sound for taking the time. Be sure to check our their Facebook page and listen to their podcasts on Soundcloud.

We hope to see them and their artists here in Prague in the near future.

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