Five Minutes With Jan Amit

Five Minutes With Jan Amit

Jan Amit

Russian producer Jan Amit is in the hot seat for the the latest of our ‘Five Minutes With’ interview series. Jan creates stunningly beautiful music with a focus on emotional melodies and crystal clear sound design. We talked to Jan about his his inspirations, the best music he has made, what makes for the perfect venue and much more.

 How would you describe the music that you make in one sentence?

Acoustics blend with electronics, that would be the most exact thing to say.

What are your three biggest non-musical influences?

120mm film, steampunk, Bradbury.

You can take five records with you on a desert island. Which ones?

Any kind of. The thing is that they must form a story of my humble self living at this place. And also, must make people wanna join me, maybe. *smile*

If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would it be and why?

That would seem strange, but I’d love to know what’s gonna happen if I lose my ability to hear. Nothing looks more captivating for me in this question than being unable to capture sounds from the outer world. Means absolute silence inside your head, and thus, absolute detachment. Nothing disturbs or distracts, and you become able to picture the soundscape of the world around you from the very beginning, with no knowledge about how it really sounds. That’s really interesting for me, especially while working with self-recorded samples.

What makes a perfect music venue/nightclub?

A harmonic conjunction of people who visit it, people who play, and people who organize. In combination, this creates the whole atmosphere of the venue. A perfect one is a place where all these three groups of people exist in a state of subconscious or, better to say, inner, psychic agreement.

What’s the best piece of music that you’ve ever made?

I got no doubt this is the track I made last year, but it still makes me feel I haven’t made anything even more emotional like this.

If you could only say one word for the rest of your life, in any language, what would it be and what does it mean?

“Silentium”. In Latin. By the way, this also was a title of my favorite Tyutchev’s poem that still impresses me. This is the same as “silent” in English, but sounds like an appeal to listen to oneself, and to take care of one’s inner world, feelings and thoughts. All in all, emotions is all we have to value our attitude to everything we perceive, what else can help us more?

What advice would you give your ten-year-old self (musical or not)?

“Go flick through some soft to make music bud, all in all, that’s the thing you’ve always been dreaming of!”

What is the strongest emotion for making music?

Love. Love is always the strongest and the most mysterious thing for every kind of self-expression.

If you were interviewing yourself, what other question would you ask (and what’s the answer?)?

Q: Why Amit? // A: That’s too long and strange to explain, so I prefer just to say “Amit”, according to the root of this word, is “a friend”. Let it be so, that suits me perfectly.

What is your local underground music scene like? What three artists do we need to check out?

Sure check out AL-90, Murmansk, North Russia, a great example of post-house. Somehow appealing to darkness and depth of early Burial. Also, a 15-year-old guy form St. Petersburg known as Quok. The ratio between his age and his current skills makes me think of him as a person who was unreal perspectives in music for the future if he’s interested in it, of course. And yeah, also check Moa Pillar, his music really drives me mad. Don’t know how hasn’t he still become famous abroad. Anyway, my local underground scene is really huge, and I never doubt that everyone in this fam is unique.

Big thanks to Jan for taking the time to answer our questions. Check out more of this music on his Soundcloud page and follow him on Facebook.

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