Five Minutes With High Roll – Spotlight on Underground Music in Bulgaria

Five Minutes With High Roll – Spotlight on Underground Music in Bulgaria

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Martin Popov and Dimo Panguelov – aka High Roll – operate at the centre of the Bulgarian electronic music scene. The duo are known for producing speaker-shuddering dnb and their music has been released on the legendary Formation Recordings label. They’re also mainstays of Hard Music and Sounds United (HMSU), the home of Bulgarian dnb, and therefore extremely well-placed to give us the lowdown on the Bulgarian underground.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with underground music?

We are Dimo and Martin from Bulgaria. From the beginning of underground music culture in our country we have always been part of it. We are djing and representing the main dnb organization in Bulgaria HMSU for more than 12 years now. We are also known as Mocks and Konspirator – our DJ nicknames.

What is the current state of underground music in Bulgaria?

There are a lot of fans and artists in the underground culture but the main events are happening in Sofia and some other major cities. If we talk about dnb culture every big event is in our capital – Sofia.

Which producers, djs and labels should we check out from Bulgaria?

If we talk about djs you have to check our organization and homies from HMSU crew. Cooh, L 33, Ogonek, Joanna Syze are the most popular producers atm. There are some other interesting names from the local dnb scene like Funkware, Monotype, Robustus, etc. However the biggest name on the international electronic scene coming from Bulgaria is our friend KiNK. There aren’t many labels in Bulgaria but we need to mention Platform-Music, ABCD and Metafiziq.

p.s. Feel free to help Joanna Syze as she needs our help and support to beat her disease.

What is Bulgaria like for live music and club nights and which places should first-time visitors check out?

As we said most of the main events happen in Sofia and we have a lot of clubs and a very developed night life there. If you like drum and bass you need to visit some of the major events in 4KM. This is definitely the home of dnb at the moment. There are a few other commercial clubs like Yalta, Mixtape 5 and Cacao Beach (seaside venue only in summer). We recommend you look for dnb events in general as sometimes you can find great events in not so popular venues 🙂

How do you hope to see underground music evolve in Bulgaria over the next few years?

More quality production from the artists, better venues and great events! This is what we need!

What advice would you give to young musicians and producers in Bulgaria?

Respect the roots and be patient! Music is a lifetime’s achievement.

What track by any artist can you not stop playing at the moment?

High Roll – Acid Chain! 🙂

We love to make different sets so every time you have to expect hearing something new, fresh and different from us!

What excites you most about underground music?

No matter where you come from the underground music is destroying all the boundaries that politics and modern life have created. We are all the same people and the music is this unique thing to unite all of us!

What 5 records would you take with you on a desert island?

It will be a nightmare to live only with 5 records on a desert island. We need at least a full bag with 100 vinyls in it + old skool turntable to play them!

Martin: Goldie – Saturnz Return, Dj SS – S files, Bad Company – Inside the machine, Ed Rush and Optical – The Original Doctor Shade, Roni Size / Reprazent – New Forms.

Dimo: Krust & Die – Kamanchi LPMatrix – Sleepwalk LPConcord Dawn – Disturbance LPBSE – Driving Insane LPTwisted Individual – Tooled Up LP

Massive thanks to Martin and Dimo for taking the time to answer our questions. You can hear a lot more from High Roll on their Soundcloud page. Keep up to date with their latest news on their Facebook page.

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