Five Minutes With Gosia Herman – Boiler Room TV’s Poland publisher

Five Minutes With Gosia Herman – Boiler Room TV’s Poland publisher

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Poland has produced some outstanding underground music in recent years. Artists such as Blossom and JacM have been on our radar for a while and we’re just getting into the likes of Silence Groove as well. We spoke to Gosia Herman who runs Boiler TV in Poland to find out more about the best local artists, labels and venues and, of course, which records she would take on a desert island with her!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with underground music?

My name is Gosia Herman and I’m the Poland publisher for Boiler Room TV. I worked in the London office for almost 3 years as the head of broadcast production, before I made the big move back to my motherland to help set up BR here. I’ve been in the music industry for the past 6 or 7 years, I started out probably as everyone else out there – flyering and promoting local nights.

What is the current state of underground music in Poland?

From my perspective, Polish music scene is definitely in bloom – there’s a growing number of small/cool imprints putting out not only house and techno music but also experimental, ambient, folk and others. It also seems like a lot of people are rediscovering the amazing archives of Polish electronica, jazz, pop, soundtracks etc. We have put out a short documentary earlier this year that talks (although we’ve only really managed to scratch the surface) about the relationship between the past and present of underground sound in Poland.

Which producers, djs and labels should we check out from Poland?

We’re always trying to feature [on Boiler Room Poland] the most interesting, prolific labels and artists around, so definitely do keep an eye on our Poland archives. I’m personally really excited about S1 Warsaw‘s upcoming debut release by Matat Professionals – he’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Ptaki have also just put out their first LP out ‘Przelot‘ and it’s a totally beautiful record I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Speaking of which, definitely don’t miss The Phantom‘s (1/2 of Ptaki) solo work, he’s one of my favourite producers out here. If you’re into a more techno-esque sound, Chino is another great artist to look out for.

What is Poland like for live music and club nights and which places should first-time visitors check out?

There’s stuff going on here every weekend, the local club circuit has been hosting major international acts and DJs for a while now but I guess what you really want to do when you’re here is experience the local vibe. There are a few outdoor clubs and venues by the Vistula river that are open every season and are definitely fun to check out on a warm, summer night. Check Cafe Kulturalna’s (floor level of the Palace of Culture and Science) schedule to see if they have any live shows going on. If you’re in Krakow, my favourite place to hang out, both night and day, is Forum Przestrzenie.

How do you hope to see underground music evolve in Poland over the next few years?

I’d love to see more collaborations/remix work happening between Polish and international artists. There’s some really talented producers here, I really hope they will get picked up by labels outside of the country more so they can reach more audiences with their music.

What advice would you give to young musicians and producers in Poland?

I don’t feel like I am the best person to be offering advice to musicians, but if there’s one message I can put out there to young people in general, is – trust your gut instinct, educate yourself and keep being in love with the world around you. The rest will come.

What track by any artist can you not stop playing at the moment?

Last track I had on repeat in the car was J. Cole – No Role Models

What excites you most about underground music?

Freedom of thought

What 5 records would you take with you on a desert island?

Gang Gang Dance’s ‘Eye Contact’ ,’Return of the Mecca’ (Pete Rock and CL) and ‘Extension of a Man’ (Donny Hathaway) would do the job.

Big thanks to Gosia for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to check out the Stay True Poland documentary and let us know of any other great Polish artists, djs, labels and venues that we should know about!

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