Five Minutes With Blossom

Five Minutes With Blossom


Polish producer Blossom, known to his friends as Łukasz, is one of the most exciting producers in Europe thanks to his effortlessly soulful productions that marry atmospheric melody, dangerous bass and powerful beats. We’ve been following what he’s been up to for a while and we’re delighted to welcome him as the latest guest in our ‘Five Minutes With’ interview series. Enjoy!

How would you describe the music that you make in one sentence?

Music through which you can explore both the real world and the world of your dreams.

What are your three biggest non-musical influences?

Apart from music my family, street workout and travelling are my biggest influences.

You can take five records with you on a desert island. Which ones?

Catching Flies – The Long Journey Home , Deft – Voight Kampff, Bonobo – Days to come, O.S.T.R. – Jazzurekcja, ZES – Hindsight

How did you start making music?

It all began 11 years ago when my brother introduced me to hip-hop music. We tried to create something of our own. In 2007 I first heard about Bonobo and it was a turning point for me – I became absorbed by instrumental music forever.

What makes a perfect music venue/nightclub?

To me, a good venue is a place with a warm vibe to it where you can listen to some chill-out music.

What’s the best piece of music that you’ve ever made (that we can link to on SC or FB!)?

I think “Dusk” (feat. Jehst) is my best piece.

What is your definition of success?

I have no particular definition of success. Nevertheless, I think that you have to put faith in yourself and be stubborn in what you do. Hard work comes first!

What advice would you give your ten-year-old self (musical or not)?

Be more self-conscious and also to begin your training already lol!

What is the strongest emotion for making music?

A massive inspiration, first and foremost.

If you were interviewing yourself, what other question would you ask (and what’s the answer?)?

Do you have other projects aside from “Blossom?” We made new project “mono.log” with my friend Szymon Tumułka. This project is a classic collaboration – MC and producer.

What is your local underground music scene like? What three artists do we need to check out?

Polish underground scene stands tall and is chock-full of young talent. You should totally check out Sonar Soul, Szatt, Printempo.

Huge thanks to Łukasz for taking the time to answer our weird and wonderful questions! Follow him on Soundcloud and check out his Facebook page too.

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