Five Minutes With Bimbotronic

Five Minutes With Bimbotronic

Bimbotronic is the next victim in our ‘Five Minutes With’ interview series. Known in real life as Vlady, Bimbotronic is based in Russia and creates bass-heavy, melodic tunes built around skippy beats. In addition to his solo work, he also teams up with fellow Russian Crispo to form Last Night Flavor.

How would you describe the music that you make in one sentence? 

I don’t like to tie my music to a genre .. But, it is probably Deep, Garage, Electronic

What are your three biggest non-musical influences? 

1.My emotional state
3. Life

You can take five records with you on a desert island. Which ones?

Only five??? Ok..I’ll try…but I know more!

Aphex Twin – Window Licker

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

Groove Armada – Superstylin’

The White Stripes – My Doorbell

Burial – Archangel and more…

If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would it be and why? 

Of all the 5 I think smell. Because without the rest, I can not imagine myself.

What makes a perfect music venue/nightclub? 

I think it’s the general atmosphere, mood, people around you, friends… alcohol ahah 🙂

What’s the best piece of music that you’ve ever made? 

To be honest, I have a very critical attitude to my work and so I can not say which is the best track… I always think I can do better. It’s better if people listening to my tracks make their own minds up. 
I can only give an example of one of my tracks from my collaboration with Crispo, where I am satisfied with the sound:

If you could only say one word for the rest of your life, in any language, what would it be and what does it mean? 

I say – “Thank you” . It means thank you to all people – to my parents, relatives and my friends. In other language – Spasibo )

What advice would you give your ten-year-old self (musical or not)? 

Be your self, Don’t be lazy, Make informed choices, to do what you really like.. enjoy life and don’t worry.

What is the strongest emotion for making music? 

Differently .. Sadness, joy, love, desire to create something very interesting..

If you were interviewing yourself, what other question would you ask (and what’s the answer?)? 

Emm, no idea… such issues will not be enough..

Can you describe what the local underground music scene is like?

Underground scene? I think I’m not such an expert. I associate underground music with London, where many famous musicians (and some of my favourites) were born.

Can you recommend any local producers/musicians that we should check out?

To be honest I do not even know many of our local artists, I’m just not much of a serious producer: (Praguebeats: we disagree, listen again to the colab above with Crispo, this is a serious producer!)

Long Arm



Big thanks to Vlady or taking the time answer our weird and wonderful questions. There’s a world of hypnotisingly good music on his Soundcloud page and you can find out more on his Facebook page.

James and Adam

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