Five Minutes With Andels

Five Minutes With Andels

Photograph Czech producer Andels.

Czech electronic producer Andels

In the second of our ‘Five minutes with’ interview series, Czech producer Andels is subjected to the famous Praguebeats interrogation process.

How would you describe the music that you make in one sentence?

Every song has its own story.

What are your three biggest non-musical influences?

Universe, nature and imagination.

You can take five records with you on a desert island. Which ones?

That’s really hard question. I have so many records I would take to a desert island but ok. Let’s pretend that someone’s gonna save me in several days.

Boards of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon (I love listen to it while sun is setting)

Prince – Little Red Corvette (This song reminds me memories of San Francisco in the night. Beautiful city! The Best when you driving a car.)

D-Nox and Beckers – Jacaranda (Just wait for it…It totally blows you away)

Quintus Project – Night Flight (Psychemagik Remix) (Absolutely amazing 14 minutes)

The Knife – Silent Shout (They had a venue in Ostrava last month on the festival Colours of Ostrava and they were amazing! I heard it for the first time and I took me to the another place.)

If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would it be and why?

I have very bad smell. I’d get a dog to prevent some sort of danger.

What makes a perfect music venue/nightclub?

Wine, cigarette and pretty girl with a beautiful mind. I like the atmosphere of the club when good music is playing and you are around good people. That’s why I like to play deep house I think it’s a good example of music when you can sit around and chat with your friends and on the other hand you can dance on it. I don’t like electro house. I think it’s very aggressive and it automatically pushes you into dancing. There’s no space for free choice of sitting or dancing. Maybe it’s just this thing that I like when music is just a scenery and I can communicate with people or have a flow of thoughts. Maybe this is the problem why I can’t focus on text in songs. My head is full of voices.

What’s the best piece of music that you’ve ever made?

Well, maybe you’d like this new piece of music I tapped and clicked (I use this words because “made” reminds me a music industry and this idea that I’m just an ordinary worker in factory, but on the other hand there’s a word “compose” which is more noble and since electronic music is made on computers and artists use their midi controllers and other stuff like mouse or touchpad I use “tapped and clicked”). It’s called Monkey Music.

If you could only say one word for the rest of your life, in any language, what would it be and what does it mean?


What advice would you give your ten-year-old self (musical or not)?

“Over thinking will drown you. Now swim!”

What is the strongest emotion for making music?

I like when music gets me a goose flesh but what type of emotion is it I can’t tell.

If you were interviewing yourself, what other question would you ask (and what’s the answer?)?

I’m sorry. I can’t let you in my head. These questions don’t have answers yet.

We suggest you check out more of Andels’ music by listening to his brilliant tunes HangoverThe Noir Thing and Sun In The Forest. We also featured his music on our Birthday Podcast!  

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