Festival Okoř 2013

Festival Okoř 2013

Photographs of Festival Okoř 2013

Here are a few photographs that we took when we were at Festival Okoř yesterday, in between watching drunken bald people flirt with women by throwing their children at them (we kid you not). As always, the weather was divine, the beer tasted beautiful and everybody was in a fantastic mood.

Unfortunately, the music at this year’s Okoř was slightly sub-divine, if we’re being honest. If we hear one more “uh wuh uh oh oh” from a prancing lead singer in the near future, we’re liable to get violent.

Happily, everything else about the day was perfect and the musical side was saved by a grizzly old Slovak called Miro Žbirka who was head and shoulders above every other performer on show. His rendition of Hey Jude brought a genuine tear to the eye (although James is blaming that on the suncream).

James and Adam

A photograph showing Okoř Castle in the background during Festival Okoř.

Castle Okoř bathed in sunlight.

A photograph of the stage at Festival Okoř in the early afternoon sun.

The stage at Festival Okoř in the early afternoon.

A photograph of the stage at Festival Okoř in the late afternoon.

A few clouds tried to get involved, but Festival Okoř was having none of it.

A photograph of the crowd enjoying themselves on the hill at Festival Okoř.

A sea of people enjoying themselves.

An alternative view of the stage at Festival Okoř from the food and beer stalls.

A view of the stage at Festival Okoř from the perspective of the guys selling Citrus Beer 🙂

A photograph of Castle Okoř in the last of the evening sun.

Evening approaches.

A photograph of a very brave person who has climbed Castle Okoř in order to get a better view of the music.

Don’t do it!

A photograph of Slovak singer songwriter Miro Žbirka wowing the crowd at Festival Okoř.

The wonderful Miro Žbirka steals the show.

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