Keosz & Fearful – Scars (featuring BlackLouis)

Keosz & Fearful – Scars (featuring BlackLouis)

Listen to this! Just stop everything else you are doing, close your eyes and listen. And then listen again. Slovakian producer Keosz has been blowing us away for a while now with his dark take on atmospheric, bassy electronica, but he’s just gone and raised the bar.

The product of a collaboration with a duo from Brighton known as Fearful and featuring BlackLouis on the mic, Scars is easily one of the hardest hitting examples of bass music that I have heard this year. Everything about this track screams power and style, starting with the solitary kick drum drowned in ambient screeching, dropping with a surge of menacing bass and then exploding with the finest set of hats you could wish to hear (ok, ok, humour me, I like hats…). BlackLouis’ flow is flawless from beginning to end and  the sound is nothing short of phenomenal.

This is truly the real deal. It’s out now on Citrus Recordings as part of the Scars EP. You can buy it on Beatport.

If you haven’t heard of Keosz before, remember the name.

Keosz – Scars EP
















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