Right! Off to Latvia now for some more new underground music – Riga specifically for a gem of a tune I found this morning. Its a collaboration of two producers – Elvi/Dunian who have teamed up to producer some outstanding stuff. This particular tune – “Hit Happens” stood out for me as the groove and the flow were so incredible!

The tune starts out with a upbeat drumbeat and a funky bass which immediately grabs your attention. When the vocals come in you are already nodding your head like an addict and you will be singing along before the first break. Barely has the song started and its already sucked you inside. When the song opens up the groove really takes hold and this is when the real magic happens. The build throughout the song is perfection – with the highs and lows coming at seemingly just the right time. There are claps, cow bells and all sorts of percussion flowing through the speakers at its peak and if you aren’t up on your feet dancing by this point there must be an element of your soul missing!

This is a fantastic tune and Elvi/Dunian have many more that are equally as compelling. How they only have 719 followers on Soundcloud is a crime!

If you want to hear more then check out their Soundcloud page and Facebook pages.

Many a good stuff coming out of Latvia these days Peeps!

Artwork from Elvi/Dunian - Hit Happens


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