Egoless – Perpetual Motion

Egoless – Perpetual Motion

Egoless – Perpetual Motion


Everything about this track is magical. I love the transition from broken glass melody at the intro to the sudden descent into smooth bass and back again. I love how ghostly vocal snippets intertwine expertly with hats that sound as though they’re being pushed out of the plane, after having lost their nerve. Most of all I love how it all comes together when the beat drops around half way through. The feel, the sounds, the way the rhythm complements all of the other delicate parts of this supremely delicate piece of music. Yeah, I think I’m in love.
Egoless is an artist we’ve been keeping track of for a while. Hailing from Croatia and known for his bass-heavy sensibilities. Be sure to check out his Soundcloud and Facebook pages. Also be sure to turn on your speakers or grab a decent pair of cans. This is not music to listen to on your ipod headphones.

Photograph of Croatian bass music producer Egoless.

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