Rainy Day by eaZzy – Liquid DnB emerging from Slovakia

Rainy Day by eaZzy – Liquid DnB emerging from Slovakia

Rainy Day

The thing I love about the internet and especially Soundcloud for music is on some days you seem to find gold at every turn. (Bear in mind you also have to endure days of listening to soulless awful dogshit as well but luckily these are few and far between!). One such piece of gold I would like to share with you is this tune – Rainy Day by the Slovakian producer eaZzy. eaZzy seems to be quite fresh on the scene as far as I can tell but he definitely possesses a talent for songwriting. Rainy Day is an uplifting liquid DnB track with a catchy hook, wicked vocals and a wonderful simple but satisfying drum beat.

The sound is quite raw but all the elements are there to make a great listen. The vocals soar merrily over the fast paced drums (175bpm) (by the way if anyone knows where these vocals are from please tell me!!). I can just imagine a happy little drummer boy playing along full of enthusiasm with a huge smile on his face to the quirky melodic riff. The song structure is also well thought out and develops at just the right pace with the vocals easing in and out over the melody so the listener is never allowed to let his mind wonder.

Its catchy, its uplifting and it puts a smile on your face. I recommend putting this on first thing in the morning to give your day a bouncing start where absolutely nothing can go wrong… maybe…

Listen to eaZzy’s Soundcloud page for more of his great work, he has about seven tracks up at the moment. “Future city” is another track I particularly like and also well worth a listen. I am not sure what is next for eaZzy but hopefully some kind of release and plenty more where Rainy Day came from.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


This is a cover photo for Rainy Day by the Slovakian Drum n Bass producer eaZzy

Rainy Day by eaZzy




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