Delete – A Letter to God

Delete – A Letter to God

When we find out Delete has released some new material we know it is always going to be powerful stuff. The latest release from Delete – A Letter to God is particularly poignant given the background to this tune. The official press release reads –

Chechen War in Russia. In 2014 it’s 20 years since the beginning and only 5 years since it all ended.
A War which was never admitted and went to history as a “counter-terrorist operation”.
A War that took away more than 160 thousands lives – citizens of one country.
Terrible echoes of this “forgotten” War still can be heard all over the world: from Boston to Moscow, from Damaskus to Dagestan.
FastFilm Production along with mysterious Russian producer Delete try to find the answer: what legacy has left Chechen War?”

Delete – A Letter to God

The video shows a story about a federal army soldier who fought bravely at that War. Some time later he returns home. What did he find? And did he really return?…

Delete’s music provides the emotive landscape needed for such a subject. Many other artists don’t go near such subjects for the risk of creating adverse opinions. Delete has no such fear. The subject obviously strikes a chord deep within. His menacing droney bass along with the echoey voices create a haunting atmosphere that run a shiver down the spine when coupled with the powerful cinematography. The whole song and video leaves you feeling uneasy with how surreal it all was. The song in itself has the feeling of a modern requiem with a sadness that remains with you long after its finished.

Delete has dedicated this tune and video to all the victims of the War in Chechnya.


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