Cutworks, Garimastah & Julia Marks – Hypnotized

Cutworks, Garimastah & Julia Marks – Hypnotized

Cutworks, Garimastah & Julia Marks – Hypnotized

What is it about Russia that makes it such a hotbed for amazing electronic music spanning the full spectrum of genres and moods? Perhaps it’s something in the water. The likes of Nuage, Delete and Snoe are just a few of the brilliant artists that have come to our attention during the last year and it feels as though we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Cutworks and Julia Marks are two artists that have been on my radar for a while thanks to a couple of beat-heavy tracks on Soundcloud. For ‘Hypnotized’ they’re joined by Garimastah about whom I know very little except that he is part of the Moscow-based Natural Sequence crew which also includes vocalist Gala Ga.

If you like your drum n bass melodically inclined, Hyponitized will be right up your street. Delicious organ tones are wrapped around a no-nonsense bass line and the is beat emphatic in its power yet more chilled than the beer currently waiting for me in the fridge. The vocals take everything to another level, complementing perfectly the sense of forward progression inspired by the dreamy wall of sound underneath.

I can and will listen to this on repeat but I suspect that this would absolutely go off in a club (starts daydreaming about summer nights in Crossclub…).

Get to know about creators behind this wonderful tune. You can find Cutworks and Garimastah on Soundcloud. Cutworks also has a Facebook page. To hear more from Julia Marks, Youtube should get you started.






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