Claviq Interview – Czech music producer and DJ

Claviq Interview – Czech music producer and DJ

Claviq Interview

We recently had the pleasure of meeting up with one of the most original and exciting emerging producers from the Czech Republic – Claviq. It was a somewhat cold evening with low grey cloud constantly threatening of rain at every opportunity. However we were not to be deterred in our quest to complete our first interview so we soldiered on to meet with our first guest.

Being the amateurs we are, we came aptly prepared with one ipad and one iphone. Who needs lighting and microphones in these heady days of technology?! All these fancy-pants directors with their crews and big trucks full of equipment is all for show! Anyway, we made our way to the interview spot – an idyllic location next to the river ūüôā when Claviq suddenly decided he needed a drink. Apparently the river side near Vltavska isn’t a hotspot for local shops or drinking holes of any sort so we made our way over to the nearest petrol station. It appears that Claviq is partial to the ‘el vino’ so after much umming and arring he selected the station’s finest bottle of white.

So back to the river we strode, bottle in hand and ready for the ‘lights, camera, action!’. All things considered the interview turned out pretty well with Claviq revealing what inspires him and what drives him.

Claviq really does possess a unique sound and that is what captured our attention in the first place. If you want to find more of his music, then please visit his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Its packed full of interesting tunes and ideas – some developed, some just in their infancy. All good though…

James and Adam

This is a picture of the Czech music producer who goes under the alias of Claviq

Claviq posing for the camera

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