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Five Minutes With Snoe

Five Minutes With Snoe We put on our extra wooly jumpers, hats and snoods before heading over to Russia to speak to the electronic producers Maksim Minenko and Pavel Malamanov who go by the name of Snoe (ok, that’s not entirely true). How would you describe the music that you make in one sentence? M: Deep deep […]

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Egoless – Perpetual Motion

Egoless – Perpetual Motion   Everything about this track is magical. I love the transition from broken glass melody at the intro to the sudden descent into smooth bass and back again. I love how ghostly vocal snippets intertwine expertly with hats that sound as though they’re being pushed out of the plane, after having […]

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Oceania – So Far Now

Oceania – So Far Now   Like a monkey on a mission, Praguebeats is evolving. We’ve recently come to the conclusion that there is simply too much amazing music floating around to restrict ourselves to just The Czech Rpeublic and Slovakia. From now on, Praguebeats will focus on the best underground music from Central and […]

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