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Tune of the Day: Dreamworkers – It’s Over

Artist: Dreamworkers Tune: It’s Over Country: Czech Republic Genre: Drum n bass Tell me more: Smooth and melodic drum n bass from the Czech Republic with a cool little twist into a half-time beat during the second part of the tune before bursting back into full on drum n bass for the finale. Wicked tune! Where can I find them? Get to […]

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Nuage – Cloud Maps

Nuage has launched a campaign to raise funding for a limited edition vinyl release of some of his hauntingly atmospheric drum n bass tracks from earlier in his production career. Cloud Maps is a collection of twelve of the Russian producer’s best drum n bass tracks. In common with his more recent 4×4 output, each track is deeply melodic […]

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Smote and Verbal – Lonely Vibe

Smote and Verbal – Lonely Vibe On a lazy Sunday afternoon, what could possibly be better than a dose of ‘lazy Sunday afternoon melodic drum n bass’? The answer to that is bacon and whisky, of course, but because I don’t have either, I’m going for the next best thing. Smote and Verbal are electronic […]

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