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Ishome – Ken Tavr

Ishome – Ken Tavr Anticipation… That is the overwhelming feeling in the almost minute long buildup to Ishome’s classic tune – “Ken Tavr”. The suspense is almost unbearable as the atmosphere rises. You know something deep and beautiful is coming but you don’t know exactly how its going to sound. And then it does sound…

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Koda – Staying (JacM Remix)

Koda – Staying (JacM Remix) Fancy something a bit more chilled after a hard Saturday night? Then check out this remix of Koda’s Staying by JacM. JacM originates from Warsaw in Poland and has produced a real piece of beauty here. This kind of production requires a real delicate touch and the subtlety with which […]

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Silent Strike & Sukie Smith – No Rules Left…

Silent Strike – No Rules Left…     We are off to Romania now to here a beautiful tune from the Bucharest producer – Silent Strike. Silent Strike (Ioan Titu) is a Romanian electronica music composer born in 1982. He’s released 5 albums (“Silent Strike” – 2005, “3AM” featuring Lucian Ban and Alex Harding – 2008, […]

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