Bratři Orffové – Srůst (feat. Magdalena Šalamounová / Photolab)

Bratři Orffové – Srůst (feat. Magdalena Šalamounová / Photolab)

We all like something beautiful now don’t we… its just the world we live in. Beauty wins and ugly comes second. Hence why this next song I found is getting a great deal of attention at the moment – because it is exactly that – Beautiful. It is called “Srust” and is sung by the very talented Bratři Orffové. Lead – singer Ivánek Gajdoš has one of those voices that soothes your soul with its warmth and deep textures. His vocals purr lightly over the bands relaxed, tip toeing melodies creating a swaying beauty that rolls along to the beat of your heart. Listen below and enjoy!


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