BeatFoot – Blind Walker

BeatFoot – Blind Walker

BeatFoot – Blind Walker

Rarely does a piece of music unexpectedly fall out of the sky and fit your mood so completely that you’re compelled to press repeat over and over until the sounds have entrapped you like mist. Blind Walker belongs in this select group.

Beatfoot is one of our favourite Slovak musicians and is no stranger to this website, but he has really outdone himself with this (or rather, outdid himself two years ago according to Soundcloud!).

Blind Walker is a beautifully crafted,  soulful tune that takes you on a dreamy journey. In many ways it’s piece of music that resonates sadness. The strings are otherworldly and the light piano solo that drifts in and out of the foreground hints at something lost. But the beat adds a sense of energy that wards off any danger of negativity and the addition of various intricate melodies creates a feeling of purpose and progression.

I’m really impressed. Underground music is thriving in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and it’s a pleasure to be able to share it with a wider audience.


Beatfoot - Blind Walker

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